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By the mid 1800's the population had increased in the Littleborough area and a Chapel of Ease was needed for the Parish Church of Holy Trinity, Littleborough, so St James at Calderbrook was built.

The cost of the site and the construction of the building were paid for by the Lord of the Manor, Mr. James Dearden, and his son laid the foundation stone on 23 August 1860. This also coincided with his 21st birthday and there were great festivities on the day.


A district holiday was declared and there were street parties, dinners, processions and even the cavalry took part amidst salvoes of gunfire. Lots of eating and drinking was involved and no doubt there would have been a few sore heads the morning after.

James Dearden died before the building was completed in 1863 and it wasn't consecrated until 1865. It was licensed for worship on 2 April 1870. The total cost of the building of the church was £3,000 and it was able to hold a congregation of 600. A Sunday school was opened in the same year.


In 1866, Holy Trinity was given £100 for taking on the duties at St. James and it wasn't until 1896 that Calderbrook became a new parish in it's own right, and the responsibility for appointing a vicar was taken over by them. The vicarage wasn't built until 1910 and until that time the vicar would live in the homes of the local people.

It is an imposing church, high up on Calderbrook Road, with views over the countryside.

St James - A Brief History