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The Parochial Church Council of

The Ecclesiastical  Parish of Holy Trinity, Littleborough

is a charity registered in England and Wales (1179711).

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Project 2020 Timeframe

September 2017    

Project Launch with congregation

October 2017      

Initial conversations with Organisations within Littleborough  

November 2017     

Project shared with wider community

1st Qtr 2018     

Continue to reach out to community and

interested parties \ groups for support for the project  

2nd Qtr 2018     

Work with Architect on Draft Proposal  

P.C.C. Agreement to Draft Plans

August 2018     

Full Charitable Status received from Charities Commission

Diocesan advisors and heritage societies

September 2018     

Consultation Meeting with Congregation

Work with Architect on Plans and more  detailed costings - ongoing

October \ November 2018  

Approach funders to seek funding - ongoing

Seek necessary permissions to carry out work - ongoing

4th Qtr 2018 - 2nd Qtr 2019

Continue with the planning work - ongoing

3rd Qtr 2019     

Put project out to tender

4th Qtr 2019     

Prepare church for closure

1st January 2020     

Church Closes and Project breaks ground


Sadly our project was put on hold during the COVID lockdown. In the following years costs have increased and finding funding has become more difficult but the church is still looking to complete the project in the near future.

= Completed