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The Parochial Church Council of

The Ecclesiastical  Parish of Holy Trinity, Littleborough

is a charity registered in England and Wales (1179711).

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Funding Update

Current Total

The Current total that we have available for the project is:


This includes:

 - Our Fundraising

 - The Proceeds from the sale of our land at Ealees

-  £10,000 Donation from an anonymous benefactor

-  £10,000 Donation from an anonymous benefactor

 - £5,000 Grant from The Beatrice Laing Trust

 - £600 Grant from The Duchy of Lancaster

-  £  Donation from Holy Trinity Church, Boston

-  £20,000 Grant from Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

We have a number of other Grant Applications outstanding and we will continue to update this figure regularly

If you would like to make a donation to the project, then please do contact us at

Thank you.